So now that this thing’s actually on…

…maybe I can actually get myself motivated to write HERE, which will give me inspiration to work on my story, and might get more eyes to see it, and and and…

Yeah, I can dream.

…but hey, automatic tweeting! Lazy = awesome.

So, who knows? I’ve tried this experiment a hundred billion times. Change the scenery for a burst in inspiration, fizzle out within a week or less. Then again I did somehow write an entire frickin’ book so maybe I’m more disciplined now. Right? Okay, not really.

But here: My goal with this thing is to become re-inspired, to rekindle that passion for writing that I had that made me finish a book to begin with. I think I’ve narrowed my issues down to “I need to share” and “I need others’ eyes”, or opinions, whether good or bad, because really – no matter how much I don’t want to admit it, I’m a social creature. It’s all fine and dandy that I’m doing this for myself (not to prove a point, but to exercise the creativity muscle, because damn I get ornery when I don’t let it all out), but it’s been pretty obvious the last few months of stalling that I need people that are at least vaguely interested, at best awesome support.

Hence, public blog.

So here we go. I have no new content since I last posted here with my utterly miserable (failed) NaNoWriMo experiment, but I have a scene halfway-in-progress (and has been for months) that WILL BE DONE SOON




Look forward to it! ;D