17 weeks

*counts on fingers* Four months, one week… Man, it seems like it’s been such a long time, but at the same time it feels like it’s just flown by.

Can the rest of it fly by too? Please?

I had my appointment for the month yesterday, and everything is going incredible, apparently. Despite my constant freak-outs, despite being convinced that just because it’s me, something’s going to go wrong… Every single possible parameter of this entire pregnancy is so within normal it’s kinda awe-inspiring. And comforting, too, but what can I say? A month between seeing and hearing peanut is maybe a bit nerve-wracking for someone with a history of anxiety. Right? Yeah?

I can’t call it Peanut anymore, though. I wasn’t supposed to have an ultrasound this time, but since the doctor couldn’t find the heartbeat, we hopped over to a machine. (Turns out the placenta is in front, muffling any sounds coming from inside – and explains Worry #345, not being able to hear the heartbeat with my own doppler consistently. Yeah, getting something that’s supposed to help make sure Baby’s still okay but isn’t always reliable was probably not a Good Idea on my part.) Peanut is very much not peanut-shaped anymore. I really wish I could’ve taken some pictures, but it was incredible. It looks like a Real Tiny Human (as opposed to, say, a Real Tiny Martian?), with a nicely-proportioned head, and omg hands and feets. She showed me from the head to the toes, and back up to the arms – which where poised so Baby had its hands on its cheeks in a sort of “omg! you found me!” gesture. Man, I could’ve melted right there.

The rest of the appointment was pretty much mundane – got blood drawn for protein levels, had the Rhogam shot explained (I’m RH negative, hubs is RH positive, hooray) and was reassured there’s no need to panic, got weighed, had questions answered aaaaaand… scheduled the anatomy ultrasound.

If you could see me right now, you’d see me bouncing in my seat and wishing very hard for someone to invent a fast-forward button for life in the next week or so. I am so very  incredibly excited. Hopefully, if Baby (not Peanut!) is cooperative, we’ll know if I should start buying baby polos or… uh, girl things, whatever those may be, on February 17th.

…you’d never guess I really, really want a girl, huh? LOL

It’s ramping up to be an awesome, amazing, fun (if full of kicks and bloatedness and argh why won’t my nose stop running) ride, and I’m incredibly happy and proud to have the front row seat.