Forget waiting; just jump right in the deep end

After much poking and helpful advice, I think I’ve finally talked myself into just, y’know, taking all my clothes off and jumping into the deep part of the lake. In winter, in Alaska.

Haha, at least that’s what it feels like. This mish-mosh collection of 128,827 words (holy crap!) that came from my own mind, all bared for the world to see. I have to say it’s a bit daunting, but, ah, it’s done. It’s out there.

Songs of Corin 1 (actual title pending) is now available in its entirety for your reading pleasure. Here it is. Please enjoy, and please, please feel free to leave feedback – it’s my main reason for making it public. I’d like to eventually attempt to get it published, and the more eyes that see it, the more small stuff can be caught, I think. (Well, that and I just love seeing people talk about my characters. It really is awesome.)