20 weeks… already?

Halfway through… crazy.

I can already barely remember what I felt like last November when we found out. It’s slowly but surely getting more and more real, and now that we know what sex the baby is, being able to use the right pronoun just makes it so much more amazing.

It’s a girl. A beautiful, shy baby girl but holy moly, I’m having a daughter in July and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Also I think she has my nose. Damnation! ;)

Click the images for bigger:

I’ll more than likely write more tomorrow, but it’s… kinda late. (I know – 9:20pm LATE? Shocking!) Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “20 weeks… already?

  1. EEE. Yes, it looks like she has your nose so far, but babies generally look like the father until a year old. She will be beautiful no matter what. <3

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