27 weeks… hnugh

It’s been a while…

I’ve been kind of wondering what the heck would be good content for a blog that I write… I don’t really do anything exciting, so I can’t write about experiences. I don’t make things, so no craft blog for me. I suck at cooking, so no cooking blog or recipes. My book is on hiatus for however long I need, so no book blogging. (The hell do authors blog about anyway? I should look this up.) I think that’s why I do Twitter so well. Micro-blogging just seems like the perfect platform for those who don’t have an interesting life.



So what am I doing, then? WHY AM I HERE?!

Well, I guess I can start on an update on The Tiny One.

My last appointment (3 weeks ago now) went really well. I did my glucose test, which I passed. Hooray! I’ll be totally honest in saying that I’m really surprised that this whole pregnancy thing is actually going well with no complications. I’m not exactly the healthiest person on the block. The doctor told me my weight gain is right on track, and I’m still under what I was a few months before getting pregnant when I started to exercise again. Additionally, the food aversions are all but gone (cravings are still front and present, though, particularly for sushi and Domino’s pizza crust), I have yet to have any heartburn, I’m not constantly exhausted anymore… Watch, immediately after I post this my body decides it’s a good time to make me feel like ass. :P

But hey, for the moment, I can’t complain. Things are going swimmingly in the making-the-baby department, thought the getting-ready-for-baby department is a bit… frazzled. I have spreadsheets (hubs works in spreadsheets, I swear) of all the stuff we need, big and small, priced out. It’s making my head spin. I have three months left and we barely have anything. Needless to say I’ve been seriously stressing things to the point of having a major meltdown. Stress is hard enough for me to handle, and such a big event happening certainly doesn’t help things. I can’t really sugarcoat it – I wish I could post happy belly shots and cute pictures of the nursery or whatever but I’m having a really rough time dealing with things. So for the moment I try not to complain, and try to look on the bright side of things (Chris is incredibly good at this, so he really helps), and try to take care of myself most of all.

Whew. I don’t want this blog to turn into nothing but BAAWWW posts but it seems like that’s all I ever do, ha. Ahem. I do have happy things to post, I swear. There will be more posts, and there will be more happy. :) /nod


One thought on “27 weeks… hnugh

  1. Lemme say it again – You don’t need anything until after the baby shower. :) Having everything too early will just clog up your space. :P

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