Yin & yang

I think telling of negative experiences is just as important, if not more, than recounting positive experiences.  Reading about nothing but happy moments is honestly a bit jarring; you can’t really have happiness if you never experience pain, and any absence of so much as an annoyance in a story makes for an uninteresting and unrealistic read. It’s the basis of good fiction, and it applies to non-fiction just as much. If you keep a personal blog, you tend to write about your life, and that should include all aspects of it.

I’ve committed myself, in the years I’ve been blogging (through Blogger* when it first came out, to Blurty, Pitas, Deadjournal and finally Livejournal), to not filter out the Bad Stuff. Blogging my journey of finally admitting I needed help, to seeing a counselor then a psychiatrist, and the ensuing Fun Ride(tm) that was figuring out what meds worked for me allowed me to survive through it, I think, and getting supportive comments and feedback was most likely the number 1 reason I got through the whole thing intact. I owe it to mah Missay, who was there through all of it with experience and advice and brutal honesty, and my husband, who possesses uncanny superhuman endless patience.

So I figure I need to get back to that, especially considering I’m not fully back on my meds. Letting out my stream of consciousness is incredibly therapeutic – the months that it took me to write my novel were the best few months of my life in recent memory. Of course, I haven’t really written anything since last November much, less so about personal stuff, but now that I’m home with the geekling full-time, I can finally get back to writing, and that includes blogging. I’m working on getting the blog on my personal domain (including my own design which is invariably going to make it take ages) and plan to actually keep a pretty consistent record of Adventures in Parenting, the progress of my novel, and anything else that might spring to mind. It’ll be a great record of Arya’s childhood as well, which is really important to me.

* Amusingly enough my old Blogger & Pitas are still around, but hell no I’m not linking you to them. All I have to say is lol, high school. 

The little one is doing pretty fantastic akshuly. Attempts to breastfeed proper have been more fruitful lately, including a couple of solely-boob feedings a day. Sure, it’s not perfect but it’s getting better. As of this Monday she still hadn’t regained her birth weight, and being that she’s about a month old now, she’s a wee bit behind on the whole growing thing. We’re not too worried, though. She holds her head up when she’s awake (and alert, haha), and has a super strong grip. Her bellybutton is adorable and I can’t stop giggling at her little Vulcan ears. Basically, she’s pretty much perfection.

Of course, with teeny ones comes a marked lack of sleep, which I’m struggling with right now. It’s getting better, and I think a big part of it was that I wasn’t really taking time for myself, but now with that neat little contraption you see pictured above right, I can take her with me wherever I need to go in the house without floppy confused newborn arms flailing about or worrying about leaving her on another floor. Can we say awesome? I love this thing. And! I was even brave enough to take a shower when I was home alone today, oooooh! She was a foot away from me in her bouncer though so I could keep an eye on her the whole time. Yush.

Regardless, with me being home, the kitchen is clean, dinner is homemade just about every night, and things are working out pretty darn swell. I absolutely can’t complain whatsoever. Being a parent, having my own little family is more awesome than I can really say.

I’m still working on that birth story thing. I was gonna include it in this post (it’s basically what prompted the entire top section), but I thought it’d be too out of place. So sometime soon.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to drown this adorable little face with kisses. It’s so handy having her so close! (And, well, I need to feed her too, but, y’know. KISSES.)


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