How the geekling came to be

It’s hard to find a moment to myself nowadays. I’ve been getting used to caring for the wee one while still keeping up with the house. It’s a slow process, as Arya still sleeps in 2-hour-ish bursts even at night, so I’m usually pretty bleary.

Arya’s birth story has been a long time coming thanks to that, but I’m finally sitting down to write it.

It was raining the night we went in to the hospital. I remember the bottoms of my PJ pants getting incredibly wet as we walked in. I guess it didn’t really matter, though, since I took them off soon enough anyway.

We arrived around 9pm, checked in, and were ushered into a room on the third floor. I’ve always liked Littleton Adventist – they were amazing when Chris had appendicitis, and the maternity ward was just as awesome. Their rooms are huge, and they’re very accommodating to family members. I was able to have visitors, and Chris got to stay in the room with me through the night on July 5th. Once I was settled into bed with my drafty gown it was just a waiting game. I was given an Ambien to help me sleep and some painkillers (…I think?), and tried to sleep. Unfortunately I didn’t sleep well, and it wasn’t due to the nurses coming in to check my progress. I think I was just uncomfortable, in pain, and incredibly loopy. Eventually I slept longer than five minutes, because I finally woke up for good around 7am.

Let me tell you, epidurals are the most amazing thing on the face of the planet. I was planning on having one all along, but wasn’t sure on the timing. Should I labor for a bit, try to walk through the contractions, before getting it and being bedridden for the rest of the time?

…nahhhhh. If you plan to push a baby out and you’re pro-painkillers, get it as soon as you can. It was pretty much a godsend. I zonked out once I got it and snoozed through pretty much every check-up and, well… everything until around 5pm.

A bit before  I was up for good, a nurse told me I was 4cm. I’m told that at the next check I was at a 10 and ready to go. Um. Well, okay? I waited a bit until she was good and low and got things going.

Three hours. THREE HOURS it took her to evacuate the premises. Three hours of pushing. Little lady sure likes to take her time. She got stuck on her way out, so she was whisked away pretty much immediately for a check-up. Finally she was given the green light to come hang out with mama. It was quite possibly the most amazing moment of my life. Just… completely indescribable. After 9 months of waiting, Arya was born on July 6th.

We hung out in the hospital for a few days, me relearning how to walk and Arya being fawned over… and cuddled and loved and… weighed, poked and prodded and all sorts of things. The weather was rainy the whole time we were in the hospital. Once the little one and I got a clean bill of health, we were released to go home. The day Arya got to go home, the skies were clear and the sun was shining bright.

I am so thankful for my daughter, and for my husband, both of whom I love immensely. Chris and I will have been together for 7 years at the end of this month, and our little family has completely taken over my entire heart.


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