The road to bed

I was thinking of things to include in our bedtime routine so little Arya actually starts getting on a sleep schedule (this whole “fall asleep at midnight, wake up at 2am, stay up until sometimes 4am occasionally 6am but most likely 8am” thing just isn’t working out, really) when I recalled a song my mom used to sing to me as she’d get me ready for bed when I was little:

Camino de la cama
Es el mejor camino
Solo estar durmiendo
Es mejor que estar dormido

Which roughly translates to…

The road to bed
Is the best road
Only sleeping
Is better than being asleep

When I was little, I didn’t question it, but now that I think back on it all I can think of is… wtf?

I actually just googled the lyrics, and turns out it’s a whole song of which the lyrics (and artist name) are incredibly familiar to me… I’ll have to ask my parents for more info!

Anyway, just sharing a random memory. It made me smile. Now it’s time to get the geekling into her ducky pajamas and settle in for (hopefully) a good night’s sleep. :)


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