Project 365+1 Week One Recap


It was a good week, I suppose. Nothing out of the ordinary to bring in the new year. Got some things organized with my new Ikea goodies, and worked lunch into the nugget’s schedule. She love love loves bananas. Her sleep has surprisingly gotten a bit better. She lets us move her into her crib after she falls asleep now with no big problems. Now I just wish she’d fall asleep on her own in there. Oh, and I also wish she wouldn’t wake up every 4 hours (or more) overnight. :P

I didn’t make any resolutions this year, other than half-assedly resolving to drink less soda. I’ve dropped 50lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, so I want to continue on that trend, too. Cooking more at home is also something I’d like to do more.

Music of the moment: Them Crooked Vultures


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