Project 365+1 Week Two Recap & some extra kitty pics


Arya had her 6 month appointment this week. (Six months already? Holy crap!) She’s doing fabulous. She’s growing steady, though her measurements are a bit weird – 25th percentile for weight and 80th for height. So she’s long and skinny. This is honestly making her very hard to clothe. :P

I kinda haven’t been keeping up on my cutting-back-soda thing. In fact, I’ve kind of regressed a little – I did a lot worse this week than I have recently. Regardless, each time I step on the scale, the weight it shows me is lower than last time. It’s pretty damn exciting honestly, and it just motivates me to do better. I think every night during the week was a home-cooked meal (I made Swedish meatballs! Yum), so that’s going well. Still need to make my menu for next week. And grocery shopping. Guh.

Saturday night I went scrapbooking with good friends. That’s always always always relaxing. It’s good to get out of the house and it’s GREAT to talk to friends. Especially other ladies that know lady things (instead of dudes who are nice to talk to about games or whatever but they’re not ladies). Though I forgot my wallet. That was fun. While I was out, Chris was taking care of the baby. She went to sleep for him right at 8:30, without a big fight, which is a first! I’m so proud of her (and him, of course)! This is also very exciting because HEY NOW THAT SHE’LL FALL ASLEEP FOR YOU HERE I’M GOING TO BED KTHX BYE


Here’s some pretty shots I took of Sylvy with my ~new portrait lens~ last week! PRETTY! :)

Music of the moment: STILL Them Crooked Vultures. This probably won’t change for a while. Love them so much.


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