Project 365+1 Week Five Recap


We got dumped on with snow this week. About 24in in my neck of the woods according to the news. It was super pretty and I wish I could’ve gone out to play in it, but it just wasn’t logistically possible. The little girl we were babysitting didn’t have warm enough clothes, and all Arya would’ve done was lay in it. (That might’ve been cute, though…)

Speaking of which, we had a good friend’s 5-year-old daughter over for three days last week! While her parents were in the hospital with their brand-new baby girl, I got a bit of a lesson in what’s coming when Arya gets older.

Keep this between you and me, but if I hear “why” one more time I might explode. ;)

In all, we had a lot of fun. We colored a lot, including frogs and gorillas and bunnies. (I let her use my set of colored pencils… she was very amazed at how many different blues and greens and yellows I had!) We went out to a place called Little Monkey Bizness, which is an indoor play place thing… place, with bouncy castles and slides and an art room with tempera paints. I let her go down the smaller slides with Arya on her lap (I was holding Arya still, though), which she really liked. When Chris got home, she got to go downstairs and watch him play Minecraft (I hear tell she played on her own world, too!), and the next day that was all she could talk about. “When will Chris be able to play Minecraft with me?” TOO CUTE. (Alas, I think I got dubbed the “one that makes me do things” while Chris was the “fun one”, but… that’s alright, I suppose.)

I really enjoyed having her over, and Arya loved the company, too! Overall, it was a good week. :)

Here’s a collage of all the January 366 shots:

Music of the moment: Florence + the Machine’s Ceremonials (frickin’ fantastic album, it’s on constant repeat!)


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