10 Things – February 2012

Figured it’d be fun to do a ~looooooooove~ theme since, y’know, Valentine’s Day or whatever. That’s this month, right?

Ahem. Anyway. Here are ten things I am currently very much in love with.

1. COOKIES. You guys.

om nom nom

You guys these turned out so good. I was craving cookies & coffee, so thanks to a recipe I found on Pinterest, I satisfied both cravings in one go. SO GOOD. What can’t Pinterest do? (The dishes, laundry, vacuum the floors, change Arya’s diaper…)

2. My new Google Chrome theme. JAAAAAAAAAACE!

screenshot taken on the apps tab because you can't see his gloriousness on the home thumbnails tab. (click for slightly bigger.)

It’d been a while since I’d checked out Chrome’s themes, and last time the pickings were slim. Imagine my surprise when I see that there’s a ton of user-submitted ones now! INCLUDING THIS LOVELY JACE ONE. jace jace jace eeeeeeeeee

Yes I’m playing Castleville while I write this. Shush.

3. Ellie Goulding. Thanks to Spotify I’ve been able to listen to a ton of music I wouldn’t be able to otherwise, including Ellie Goulding. I can’t remember how I found her, but I navigate the “related artists” a TON. More recent loves thanks to Spotify’s related artists: Florence + the Machine, Duffy, St. Vincent’s latest album (I love Actor, had no idea she had a new one out!)

4. pugly pixel. I can’t remember how I got to this blog, but I AM IN LOVE. Photoshop fun stuff out the wazoo! Graphics, templates, tutorials, everything, and the visual style is just so neat. I’ve gone crazy with their blog picture layouts, I can’t stop making random ones.

SEE? WHY? WHY would I do this? I CAN'T STOP!!!

5. RRcherrypie. There’s a scientific name for the feeling of pleasure and relaxation you get from certain types of sound, particularly that of instructional videos. I can’t remember what it is right now, but there’s even a subreddit dedicated solely to it. RRcherrypie is my #1 source of that. The crinkling. And the pouring. And the mixing. Oooooooooooooooooh shivers up my spine.

6. And now that I’ve outed myself as a creep, I feel kind of awkward. Um. NORMAL THINGS. Normal things, normal things… oh gosh. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM BABY FEET.

Yes, this is my own nugget's feets, and yes, I should've thought of something better for the "non-creepy" list item.

moving right along

7. Sleep. Last night, I slept longer than 4 hours in a row for the first time in more than 10 months. I… I’m elated. I couldn’t believe it. I woke up naturally at 7:40am and was thoroughly confused as to why it was light outside when I realized I’D SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. Alas, Arya didn’t, not quite yet. She got up once in the middle of the night, and Chris got up, changed her, put her back in her crib and all was good. (He doesn’t remember exactly when it was.) I’m really happy that it didn’t take much to get her back to sleep, and incredibly thankful that he took care of it and let me sleep. Whee!

8. Soda. Though seriously, fuck the stuff. If you remember my last 10 Things post, I said I was going to try to drop my soda intake… again. Surprise surprise, it hasn’t worked so far! Since then, it’s been kinda rollercoaster-y, and I’m in the midst of a bit of a HUGE JUMP in soda intake. A few days ago it was 4. Today I’m struggling to keep it at 3. Blauuuuuugh I hate this.

9. This is where I give a shout-out to my husband and how much I love him, right? WELL I’D BE A LOT MORE EAGER TO DO SO IF HE SO MUCH AS PRETENDED TO WORK ON SETTING UP MY BLOG cough cough.

10. My nugget. My little booger, my bubba, my chubby baby that is growing up too damn fast. Arya just hit 7 months old, and she amazes me more and more each day.

There's one of those blog layouts again... ;)

She’s so bright, so alert, so amazing. She’s growing by leaps and bounds every day. It’s amazing, watching your own kid learn and explore and take in every single thing like a sponge. (If her first word is “shit”, um. Well, that’ll be amusing…) I can’t get enough of being around her. Yes, there’s days where I’m exhausted and just need a break (or to vent on twitter, darn it!), but all I have to do is see her beautiful face, her amazing smile, her goofy hair and everything is right in the world again. I love you, Arya, more than anything in the world.

She made me so sappy. ;)


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