February 2012

In the grand scheme of things, February really wasn’t all that bad. Condense it into little bits, though, and it can go get fucked. There were lots of Loki pictures. I had to cancel the one thing that I was looking forward to this month, and thus was left with zero outside, non-me-generated happy. Basically, February was hard. I currently have nothing keeping me going except for the little one, and trying to cheer myself up just… does not work.

In spite of that February was my most productive art month in recent memory. I finished 5 portraits (which you can currently only see at my dA, I know, I know) and a ton of chibis. I designed a header for a WordPress blog, and through that and a commissioned avatar I was approached by a company that wanted to potentially commission 6 chibis from me for a promotion. (That fell through, as I was approached to fill in for someone who had backed out, but a replacement had already found. Regardless, they’ve taken note of my art and have mentioned future possibilities.) So that was nice. I find myself constantly struggling to pick my self-esteem out of the gutter, so it’s slow, but… it’s there. I need to figure out a way to expose myself more… I need a better site. etc.

Oh well. Hey, there’s a kitty!


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