Project 365+1 Week Twelve Recap


Oh yeah. Guess who got to go to a Kelly Clarkson concert this week? *point* Thanks to my awesome SIL who got me the ticket for Christmas. It was my first pop concert since… middle school. SO MUCH FUN.

More amazingness this week: The nugget finally started bringing food to her own mouth. I can’t begin to describe how excited I am about finger foods. She’s already showing signs of frustration when we try to feed her mush. “No, I want to feed myself! NYAH” It’s adorable, but the amount of times I’ve had to wipe baby food mush from my face because she bats at the spoon is just too many. Bleck.

But seriously. So far she’s fed herself crackers, baby melty puffs (or whatever you call them), dried mango, cheese and pear. SO EXCITING.

Also of note this week: “dada”



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