Scoot scoot scoot

The Early Intervention appointment is tomorrow, and I’m more relaxed about it than I thought I’d be. I haven’t really thought much about it lately, which I guess is good. It’s not stressing me out, mostly. The nugget hasn’t made any progress whatsoever since we scheduled the appointment. We were kinda sorta hoping she’d start crawling out of nowhere when we made the appointment but… yeah, wishful thinking.

She’s scooting forward on the carpet now, which I guess when you look at it is kind of an improvement. Previously she could only scoot backwards on the hardwoods. It’s slow, and she kinda gets frustrated when she has to scoot-scoot-scoot (on the carpet) instead of scooooooooot (on the hardwood, haha), but… 5 minutes later you’ll look and she’ll be in a completely different place than when she started.

I never thought I’d say that I’m so very ready for her to be mobile. I remember posting not long ago that I wasn’t ready for her to start creeping yet. (Incidentally, she was wearing her Creeper onesie when I posted that photo, and she’s wearing it today, too.) But now I can’t wait to see her flailing about the house on her own. And yeah, getting into trouble. But hey, that’s what babies do, right?

One thing that HAS changed recently is her sleeping. Keeping on track with her tendency to mix things up with sleeping once every week or so, she stopped nursing on the glider. I used to have to nurse her to sleep on it, then ever-so-gently lay her down in her crib without jostling her too much lest she wake up screaming. Let me tell you, that got old pretty quick. Naptime and bedtime started being incredibly stressful and I dreaded it daily. I’d take 45 minutes to put her down for a 20-minute nap, or half an hour to put her to bed only for her to wake up an hour later and refuse to go back to sleep again. Needless to say the rest of the house was in disarray and forget doing anything for myself…

A while ago, maybe a week or so, I posted about how she’d found a new way to thwart my attempts at putting her to sleep. That was it. She would be half asleep on me, and the moment I sat down on the glider, she’d snap awake and struggle to sit up and no mama I don’t want food get that out of my face wriggle squirm. Thinking it was yet another failed nap attempt, I gave up and just kept her up. Then she did it again the next day, and not wanting to deal with it, I set her in her crib and walked out of her room. Minutes later, after a bit of cooing and flopping her bunny around, she was asleep.

Now, to fully appreciate how ecstatic that made me you need to know that she hasn’t fallen asleep without being attached to me since she was about two months old. It hasn’t worked every time since, but it’s fairly often that I can just nurse her, stick her in her crib, and leave her to fall asleep on her own. Last night was the first time it worked at bedtime. I’m really… really happy. Well, that’s an understatement.

I don’t expect it to work for much longer, since I’ve learned that with Arya nothing is ever constant, and if it seems easy, it won’t be for long. But I’m going to relish it while I can because, holy crap, free time! YAY.

News from the tooth front: Nothing to report. Bah!


2 thoughts on “Scoot scoot scoot

    • Man, as much as I want to belieeeeeeeeeve, I just don’t want to get my hopes up. Same thing happened tonight, though, so… it’s going well… haha.

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