Why can’t it be Mother’s Week?

One day is not nearly enough to make up for the 364 other days of work. (Well, one week wouldn’t be either, but… you take what you get, yeah?)

I know, I know. Cheesy graphics. I GOT BORED.

As much as I love the kiddo, a day all to myself was pretty much the best thing I could’ve asked for. We’d both been sick for the few days before (sick enough that I actually begged Chris to come home to help… I really needed that 4-hour-nap), so neither of us have been very fun to be around. I’m sure she was getting tired of me, too, going after her with the nasal bulb sucky thing all the time. (Or whatever it’s called. I don’t know, okaaaaaay?) And yeah, sleep. Nobody slept in this house those few days.

…no one, except Chris, he who sleeps through tornado sirens, damn it.

In any case, a day off was very, very welcome.

I didn’t really get to sleep in (SHOCK! HORROR!) because I wanted time to do, well, stuff. I haven’t just done… stuff in forever. So I got up, dressed in my typical hobo regalia (people dress up for Mother’s Day? Preposterous) and actually left the house for once.

I got a manicure/pedicure (at the place in Highlands Ranch where all the well-to-do ladies that don’t dress like hobos get their nails done, natch), then had brunch at IHOP. I don’t know why I’d never tried red velvet pancakes before. THEY ARE AMAZING. I could’ve eaten my weight in pancakes (that’s a lot) and still wanted more. I read while eating… that’s another thing I don’t really get to do much anymore. I always find that once I’m finally done with everything I need to do and ready to de-stress from the day, it’s bedtime. And alas, sleep usually wins out over reading.

As a side note? I’m reading A Dance with Dragons. REEK. omg. (As a side side note, I kept trying to spell “with” as “wight”. Fitting.)

There’s a Sally Beauty Supply right next to the nail place, so… oh man. All the nail polish. I had a bit of money to spend. Nail polish makes me squee. That wasn’t a hard decision. I also wanted to get some headbands (girly things? Me? Noooooo) so I went to Target and got some plain black ones to decorate. Fun times were had at Target: I was walking down an aisle and a woman turns the corner, smiling and laughing and talking to her daughter sitting in the cart, sees me, and her face falls instantly. She glared at me the whole time she was walking by me. Seriously, lady, try to be less obvious. Yes, I have purple hair. Neither you nor your daughter are going to burst into flames from being near me.

I hate Highlands Ranch sometimes.

My last stop for the day was the movies. I haven’t been to the movies in years. I was really happy that The Hunger Games was still in theaters. Happy Me = no one around me in the theater, bag of popcorn, good movie.

So… all in all, a pretty awesome day. Chris took the nugget up to see his mom (perfect Mother’s Day gift for a grandma = baby) and I had a whole day to myself (perfect Mother’s Day gift for mom = no baby). Unfortunately, now I’m back to the grind and I haven’t completely recovered from whatever plague I had. Oh well. It was a good day and I can’t complain. :)

When’s my next day off?

Here’s a picture of the flowers my dad got me. They make my room smell so goooooooood. Missy & Bear had gardenias sent to me (OMG!) but they haven’t bloomed yet… I’ll take a picture of them when they do. (Happy, Missy?) ;)

And finally, another silly floofy set of pictures…

…and click here or the picture to see them full-size. :)


5 thoughts on “Why can’t it be Mother’s Week?

  1. I’m finally reading a post on my laptop instead of my phone which means I can actually comment. (I really hate typing out more than one sentence on my phone.) I’m so glad you had a nice Mother’s Day, you really deserved it!! I literally laughed out loud at the lady in Target’s reaction to your purple hair. Just imagine if you had had Arya with you. LMFAO!! You should get some purple spray for her hair and then take her around HR just for laughs. Hmmm….I think we have red! Wanna borrow??? I’m actually curious what Arya’s reaction to the color was.

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