Baby Savant

The nugget’s always been obsessed with my phone. I’m sure it’s just the shiny factor. Recently, however, she’s realized that she can poke it and things move. Yeah… that usually means app rearranging and baby tweets, among other stuff. So I scoured the app store for something I could put up that would keep her entertained.

I tried a bubble popping game at first, but I couldn’t find one that was free & didn’t have ads. I also really wanted to just get an app that would put moving shiny things on the screen that popped or did something when touched, but I suck at app searching. Then I remembered about Magic Piano.

Yeah, I think that went over pretty well.

I can’t stop giggling at how adorable the first one is, where she’s holding my phone by the ears on the case. More than anything, she loves the freestyle piano. Whenever I turn on a song for her, she doesn’t really dig it. I think it might be that it comes out horribly off-tune because she hits the notes wrong (and because, well, babies can’t really play iPhone games very well can they).


It’s gotten to the point where if I try to start doing something else with her (including feeding or changing a diaper), she waaaaaaails when I take the phone from her. I think I might be setting a bad precedent. (Secretly, I’m hoping that she’ll grow to like the piano “sound” and want to play it when she gets older. No, I’m not projecting. Why do you ask? *stares at dusty violin*) I’d love to encourage any music interest in her, and when she’s old enough I’d love to get her a keyboard. I had a tiny one when I was younger, but I kinda screwed up the chance to get a big one. Yeah, it was because of video games. I was that age, okay? (That age, being the years of Square Enix’s prime where they release a ton of varied, distinctamazing games. Yes. That.) That pretty much shaped my life from then on. I’m not gonna go all Tiger Mom on her but I really just want her to like music.

(Also band/orchestra nerds are awesome, I don’t care what you say.)

Until she’s old enough to play on a real keyboard, though, she can fart around on Magic Piano all day. (Especially on grandpa’s iPad, that’s waaaay cooler. See right. Sheesh.)

Check out the rest of the pictures here.


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