I’ll sleep when I’m dead

(Not that it’s my choice or anything.)

The past few nights here have been a nightmare. Actually, that’s not quite true. I haven’t slept long enough to actually get to the dreaming stage, but I digress.


“Surely you’re not talking about me?”

I thought that picture was adorable at first, but no. Look at that stinky little grin. And the pink hoodie just completes the look. Eeeevil.

I’ve been able to put Arya down half-asleep or awake and most of the time, she’ll get to sleep on her own. It’s been great now that it doesn’t take me upwards of an hour to get her to doze off – I can just feed her, give her Bunny (her super adorable floppy stuffy), set her down and she’ll roll over snuggling Bunny & not make a peep. On the other hand, if waking up every hour is what I get for being able to put her to sleep quickly I’ll gladly take the long bedtime, thankyouverymuch.

We think it’s teething, but holy¬†crap. The first tooth wasn’t nearly this torturous. One day there was nothing there, next morning it was. There were no big behavior changes… not like this. That tooth has just been right there, on the edge of popping, for three weeks now. I can see it, laughing at us and taunting us. Little bastard.

Last night, I tried to keep track of the times she woke up. It was hard, because each time she screamed I hadn’t been asleep for long so I just kept getting groggier and foggier. It started off around 10pm, though, when I tried to go to bed. Easy, comfort her, put her back to sleep. She was out. I brush my teeth, get my PJs on, soon as I climb into bed, she starts screaming again. Check the clock. 10:30.

It was right about then that I knew I was in for yet another long night. To summarize… woke up again at midnight. Snapped awake to screaming again around 2:30. 3am. 4am. 4:45. 6. Or thereabouts. I don’t even know. I don’t really care. I kept asking myself, “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

Things didn’t get better during the day. Here’s a few tweets I posted around lunchtime…


So it was a hard day. Right now I’m sitting here, typing this… listening to her whine. She hasn’t fallen asleep yet. I’m kind of hoping, in a back-asswards sort of way, that this might mean that she’ll sleep well. I also maybe typed this post because if you gush about something, you worry that you’ll jinx it, right? Well, I’m complaining about this. That means that it’ll flip-flop and start happening the opposite way, right? So now she’ll sleep through the night? No?

What do you mean that’s not how it works?


2 thoughts on “I’ll sleep when I’m dead

  1. Someday, she will read this. It will be when she gets pregnant, and you will pass on the curse that every mother passes to her girls: “Your children will be worse than you.”

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