Hey, remember that time?

(Hey, remember that month when I only ate boxes of tangerines? SO CHEAP AND JUICY!)


So remember that time when I was incessantly complaining about the baby not sleeping? Yeah, well I expect to do that again real soon because I’m posting about how good she’s been sleeping lately. Jinxing myself ahead of time, loooooooool!

…I’m a little batty because of how ecstatic I am, really. REALLY.

It was gradual. One day she only woke up once every two hours, the next it was three times the whole night. The past few nights, she’s slept straight through bedtime ’til about 5 or 6am, which is what she was doing before The Great Sleep Boycott, Part Who-the-Hell-Is-Counting-Anymore-It’s-Probably-Up-To-Like-a-Billion. Today she even took a 2-and-a-half hour nap and was in an amazing mood the whole day.

Aw yiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssss.

You know what I’ll never get tired of, though? Watching Arya scoot around on her butt. She’s gotten incredibly quick. She’ll turn completely around and be across the room before you can get up to grab her. (I can’t wait until she starts chasing the cats.) It’s become very obvious that she very recently decided that moving is actually a fun thing to do. Before, when the pediatrician suggested we take her to EI, she didn’t want to move. We’d put her on the floor and put things around her and she’d just sit there, looking around and not making a move to grab anything. Today, to lure her back away from the garage door, I held out a Goldfish cracker. She scooted up to me, yoinked it, stuffed it in her mouth, and scooted off to play with her house in the space of a few seconds. It’s very obvious that something has clicked.

The PT finally visited us on Tuesday. The entire hour was mostly full of “oh, look at how well she does that already!” There are a few things Arya needs to work on, but it sounds like she really is just going to skip crawling and go straight to walking. She’s been grabbing onto things and trying to pull herself up the past couple of days. Progress! If we help her by having her grab onto our hands and lightly pulling her up, she does most of the work, but she stands like a pro. What we’re mostly looking at now is the transition from laying down to sitting (without having to be on her belly), and sitting to kneeling/standing up. She’s still very wary of being on her knees.

So what about me? Eh, I’m alright. Trying to deal with The Funk (aka PPD, damn it). As expected the new meds aren’t helping, but it has varying doses. On Monday, I’ll be upping the dosage if it doesn’t do something by then. Fingers crossed, I suppose.

For the moment watching the nugget scoot-scoot-scoot and grab kitty tails is therapeutic enough. You guys, she is just too dang cute.


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