You say “tomato”, I say, “who cares, they’re all dead anyway”

If you follow me on twitter, you might remember that I had planted tomatoes. (Let’s not talk about the broccoli, okay?)

I was so excited. I was gonna grow fresh veggies at home and Arya would eat them and it would be really special. We could barbecue outside on the grill while the little one splish-splashed in her pool, and put home-grown tomatoes on our burgers. Yeah.

Yeah… that would’ve been great.

Long story short, they all died. Every last one. Sigh. Well, all the ones I planted. LET ME EXPLAIN.

They were all doing alright indoors. I planted a lot because I wanted to make sure they lived. I got advice from the lady where I got the little planter to try to make them thrive. I watered them as necessary, everything was going good. There were three (perfect!) that had grown to a good height to transplant them. And then the mold attacked. Argh.

I transplanted the three healthiest ones outside. They all looked great. I figured that mold wouldn’t be too big of an issue now that they had room to thrive and grow and be AWESOME and then! They all died. Dead dead dead. Shriveled up, blown away, nothing there but dirt.

Or so I thought. I left the planter there, because goddamn it those were my babies and I don’t want to get rid of their home so quick after they died! Waaaaaah. I didn’t really pay much attention to it after that, but it was rainy those next few days. Once it cleared up, we were outside for some reason and I checked the planter out of curiosity. One of them was still alive. It was frail, on death’s door and looked like it would die pretty quick but I didn’t care. IT WAS ALIVE! I kept watering it daily since it had gotten so dry and eventually, it turned a healthy shade of green again and started growing.

So hey, did you all hear about that freak hail storm that hit Denver last week? This one? Yeah, crazy, right? I FORGOT MY TOMATO PLANT WAS OUTSIDE. Please excuse me while I slam my face into my desk. Repeatedly. I had the terrible realization the day after, when I checked on it from inside and it looked weird. I ran out… and all its leaves had been ripped off. My zombie plant was deeaaaaad. For good this time.

Once again, I left the planter alone and didn’t check on it for a few days. I eventually went to look at it and spotted a bit of green. There was a baby tomato plant nestled next to the dead one. I had to do a double take. How does that even happen? Where the hell did that seed come from, considering the zombie plant hadn’t grown more than a couple of inches? I have honestly no idea.

I guess I do have a green thumb after all. Well. It might be a necromancy-practicing black thumb, but I’ll take what I can get…


2 thoughts on “You say “tomato”, I say, “who cares, they’re all dead anyway”

  1. I like what my mom and Ian did with buying just full plants that were ready for transplant, then bought the Topsy-Turvy thing. I think I will end up doing that, because I don’t think I can encourage a plant to grow from a seed, lol.

  2. LOL!! I planted an entire tray of tomatoes. Had mold issues inside from overwatering. Transplanted a good 10+ plants. I havea bunch doing OK and then the hail took out the 2 littlest. I have one in the middle of the barrel that is thriving and a few others that are OK. I’m happy even one survived. I planted snap peas and cucumber as well. Those are easier since they get planted after mothers day straight outside. If the cherry tomatoes actually fruit I’ll share.

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