Shorties: An occasional blurb about health & beauty and stuff

One of my goals with getting my brain all sorted is to take better care of my body, too. For as long as I can remember I’ve just been a “shower, throw clothes on” kind of person. Never really cared what my hair looked like or what my skin did. Then again, I never had to worry about my skin. I’ve never had pimples, nor is it especially oily or dry. I’ve always wondered if this was because I never even started using skin products… but I’m sure that’s not true. In any case, I’m in no hurry to start putting on gobs of makeup or creams or whatever, but I admittedly do have some problem areas.

Number one is my nails.

I’ve nibbled the skin around my nails and my cuticles since… gosh, I don’t even remember when I started. Regardless, it got to a point where I often had to put bandaids on because I was bleeding so much. I’ve gotten better over the past few years but I still do it and it’s still kind of a problem. So I started painting my nails and putting cuticle lotion on.

It’s become, uh, a bit of an obsession.

This “Shorties” feature thing is going to be me saying what I think about various beauty things. It’ll probably be mostly nail polish since that’s what I have the most of (well, that’s really the only “beauty” product I own, period). I’m hoping it’ll help me keep up with my… caring for me thing. And stuff.

Today’s Shorty is Zoya Zuza.

20120627-095642.jpg 20120627-102700.jpg

Man, my nails look terrible. But look at how pretty the nail polish is! Squee!

The pictures don’t really do it justice since they’re crappy phone pictures. I’ll be taking better pictures with my actual camera from here on but this time I didn’t have a way to get them from the camera to a PC (netbook was indisposed). So for this post you’ll have to deal with crappy pictures.

Application for Zoya Zuza was… eh, it was okay. I’m not the best at putting it on anyway, so polish usually has to be really good at… being put on in order for me to do a good job. I did a decent job with this one. It was a bit hard to get even coverage, and it pulled a lot when I was putting the first coat on, but the second coat went on fairly decently. So far it hasn’t chipped (it’s been on for two days), but there is a bit of tip wear.

Also holy moly I love this color so much.

Final verdict? Eh, I’d put it on again. Someday. Three and a half disembodied heads out of five.


4 thoughts on “Shorties: An occasional blurb about health & beauty and stuff

  1. LOL! Love the disembodied heads. You do more “Body care” than I do! I have NEVER worn make-up. I barely even stand lotion on my body with all my texture issues, much less something else. I don’t even do nail polish cause there is just no reason since I am constantly washing my hands and stuff. Psst…I was a nail biter. I still have to stop myself when I get anxious or nervous. And I STILL pick at my cuticles. Ugh.

    • I wash my hand a LOT and my nails don’t chip that often. However, you have to put it on correctly for that to happen (base, 2 or 3 of color, plus terrific top coat).

  2. I’ve attempted over the years to do acrylic nails, and polish. For the most part it was a wasted effort over vacations to look like a girl, as most of my career was spent working in oil and grease and wearing gloves that covered my hands. Mechanics don’t do their nails on a regular basis. As a teen, I’d get Lee press-ons which always failed. When I managed to graduate to acrylics, the second after they dried, I’d want to play guitar. I gave up totally on the nails until I started teaching. Then they’d break, or chip and people would ask me why I was trying to be a girl, when I’d obviously choose a career that was definitely not girlie. Since being unemployed, and when Missy came down, I loved her polishes she’d acquired, and attempted the girl thing again. Now they don’t grow evenly, and my left thumb has a crack in it that goes into the cuticle so it’s always trying to split:(. I admire that you are trying. I think the different hair colors you try are also an awesome beauty thing, also something I can do with a lot more success than nails:)

  3. You know how I am. I am in love with pretty much anything girly. And I have to say, your application is getting MUCH better. I found protein enriched polish remover (non-acetone) is perfect for maintaining the smoothness of my cuticles, but I still get those bits that I bite. I also drink a gallon of water a day at least now, and that really helps with my skin repairing itself faster. :)

    I look forward to these! <3

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