June In Review

So it’s the first day of July and I thought I might make a little post of… stuff of the month for June. Little things that popped up, art I liked, thoughts I had, stuff I coveted. Nothing that warranted a blog post on its own but that stood out regardless. This is also a good thing to add to my collage post because those are boring on their own. ;)

This month was overall positive for me. My mental situation is slowly but surely getting all back in order, which is something that makes me more ecstatic than I can describe. It’s been ages since I felt excited about art, writing, blogging, anything, really. I finally finished a commission that had been a long time in the making, and did another commission that filled my heart with happy. I’m back on track for Shenanigans again and the prospect of actually getting the business running is making me stupid excited.

STUPID excited I tell you.

Anyway, on to the extraneous fun stuff.

Tidbits from outside of the internet:

  • We recently found a park very close to our house that is AMAZING. They have a couple of water jet areas where kids can play and get soaked, a huge green field, and an amphitheater. We went to go just lounge (well, I was lounging while Chris took Arya to the water jets) yesterday, and there ended up being a bunch of local (local local) bands playing a concert. How cool is that?
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender. OMG. I knew I should’ve stuck with it when I stopped watching the first time. The first season never really drew me in, but once I got past it I was hooked. Highly, highly recommended. (Guess who my favorite character is. Hint: it’s Zuko. Surprise! Totally not like me at all, huh?)
  • I’ve started editing my book again. Also, I’ve started posting it up for people to read. I’d love to get opinions on it. Even if you find a tiny grammatical error, please let me know. Here it is!

Blogs I found/loved this month:

  • amalah.com: Amy never, ever fails to make me laugh. Hers is the one blog for which I will drop whatever I’m doing to read whenever I see a new post pop up. She also helped me recently on her Advice Smackdown column on Alphamom. Her advice helped me make a very important decision which has made life so much better for us. (See: getting Arya evaluated for a delay.)
  • The Dainty Squid: The blog where I actually got this monthly recap idea from. I absolutely adore Kaylah’s style and her hair. Go look at it! It’s gorgeous!!!
  • Introvert’s Introduction: I love Lauren’s pictures and adore her style. She never posts something I wouldn’t see myself wearing, too. Whenever I read her blog, I get a burst of confidence that I could look good in clothes that cute, too. And that I could someday look as pretty as she does. Her photos are all gorgeous.

Art I loved this month:

  • Left: It’s made of paper. MY GOD, look at how breathtakingly gorgeous that is. Seen here.
  • Center: I’ve been all sorts of into art nouveau this month, and this Psylocke is so amazingly well done. Seen here.
  • Right: This is the art that spurred me into putting one of my chibis into Illustrator and giving coloring it there a whirl. It’s so amazingly adorable and well-executed that if my art looked anything like this I might explode with happy. (Also: it’s Pinkie Pie. What’s not to love about Pinkie?!) Seen here.

Random crap I’ve been coveting this month (yeah, yeah):

  • Work on my sleeve. My right arm has a tattoo of Kirby on it, but it’s meant to be a full sleeve. I haven’t had any work done on it for nearly two years because I got pregnant, and now that I don’t have a job it’s just not possible for me to go get it worked on. But I want to. So so so bad.
  • A bottle of Seche Restore. My Seche itself is so goopy I can’t put it on without it pulling all the polish underneath. I miss my pretty nails :(
  • This tea mug set. I want something that’ll let the leaves breathe while it steeps and that I can carry around easily. It’s been too long since I had tea… it’s a bit inconvenient to make it with a baby hanging on to you.
  • Blokus! I recently tried this game on my phone and I would LOVE to play it with friends.

And finally… the picture of the month:

That’s all. I hope the post wasn’t too hard to slog through. I know some peoples’ eyes twitch when they see “HEY LOOK I WANT THIS” but hopefully the rest of the post makes up for that. Hopefully. But seriously though, have you seen that bag? IT’S A SHARK.


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