“Love?” Charis shook her head sadly. “Do not speak to me of love, Taliesin.”

“Then tell me the word that will win you, and I will speak it. I will speak the stars of heaven into a crown for your head; I will speak the flowers of a the field into a cloak; I will speak the racing stream into a melody for your ears and the voices of a thousand larks to sing it; I will speak the softness of the night for your bed and the warmth of summer for your coverlet; I will speak the brightness of flame to light your way and the luster of gold to shine in your smile; I will speak until the hardness in you melts away and your heart is free once more.”

Taliesin, Stephen R. Lawhead  (pg 401)

I just read this and felt that I had to share. It’s such a beautiful quote that encompasses unconditional love so well. Stephen R. Lawhead is an amazing author and so far, his version of the legend of Arthur is breathtaking.

I never thought I’d feel anything like this, but I have. And it’s as wonderful and amazing as the quote makes it out to be.


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