Shorty: Zoya Lara & Zoya Arizona

Here I am again with another nail polish review! And cuticle update, I guess.

I haven’t really been taking good care of my cuticles lately thanks to some frustration I’ve been having with polish. I recently got Zoya Lara and Arizona, and the one I was most excited for was Arizona. It’s a super pretty color and I was really counting on it being awesome like all Zoya polishes are. I wish.

There’s no swatch pictures because holy shit, Arizona applies like crap. The first coat pulled like crazy, and I just couldn’t get even coverage with the second. Even if they did look good freshly painted and with topcoat on, invariably, hours later a bunch of little bubbles would appear. Not normal, on the top bubbles. No, these guys were below the topmost coat. They made the polish look absolutely terrible.

In hindsight, I should’ve taken some pictures. However, I only really wore it once and ended up taking it off soon after because it was bothering me so much.

Final verdict for Zoya Arizona: Ugh. I love this color so much but it applied like crap. I won’t wear it again, that’s for sure. I really need to find a dupe. 1.5 out of 5, and that’s generous.

Up next is Zoya Lara. In comparison, this one was amazing. I’m flabbergasted that Lara and Arizona are from the same collection. Lara had none of the application problems Arizona did, and none of the bubbling, either. Like the way Zoyas usually are, Lara was smooth and easy to work with. Some of my nails I even got done with just one coat. And I’m seriously in love with the color.

Don’t really have much else to say. The swatch is at the right. Taken with my good camera this time, but it still doesn’t really do it justice. (Also I don’t have a good place to take swatch pictures. And my hands are shaky. Excuses, etc.)

Final verdict for Zoya Lara: Loved it! Easy to put on, and the color is too awesome. Definite keeper. 4.5 out of 5.

Check out more swatches for both Lara and Arizona at Temptalia.


2 thoughts on “Shorty: Zoya Lara & Zoya Arizona

  1. I had the EXACT same problems with Arizona! I tried it a bunch of times and then even brought it to my nail salon and the bubbling happened there after the tech did it for me! I was surprised Temptalia gave it a good review.

    • That’s the same thing I thought! I was super confused when I saw the good review. My thought is that she keeps them on just to swatch and then takes them off, so she wouldn’t have seen it happen. Lots of positive comments for Arizona on that post though, too…

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