Shorty: China Glaze Electric Beat

yeah. this is my hair when it is too long. gaaaaah

Want to know why I call them Shorties? Because my nails are short, hahaha. Every swatch/review site that does nails always features longish nails at the least, so I kinda like that mine are different. I can’t stand to have my nails any longer than what they are in my pictures. It drives me up the wall, so that’s why I keep them short. Also, I think they’re kinda cute. I guess.

I figure I’ll also be doing hair posts someday, and I feel the same about my hair: too long and it bugs the snot out of me. So that’s short, too. And I’m kind of short. When I lose weight (or hell, maybe as I am losing so I can have comparison pics), I’d like to do outfit posts too, featuring Short Me! Ha.

So yeah. Shorties.

This is China Glaze Electric Beat (bottle not pictured, that’s Fairy Dust). As usual with China Glaze, this one didn’t fail to impress. Applied smoothly despite it feeling a little bit too liquidy, and I had no problem between coats. Most of my nails were two coats but there were one or two that ended up being one coat. So it was perfect! Alas, I’m not too sure about the color. I don’t really think I like it too much. I’m still undecided.

I’ve been wearing this for about a week now and I have no tip wear at all (besides the usual shrinkage from the CG fast dry topcoat). No chips, either. I ended up putting Fairy Dust over my ring finger on both hands a couple days after I first put Electric Beat on and those nails still look good.

Overall? I liked the application a lot but I’m not sold on the color. For me, 4 disembodied heads out of 5.


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