Stuff, things, and lists… and more stuff

The best way to keep myself organized is by making a plan for myself. If I don’t have some sort of plan for what I’m doing, I’m bound to get all sorts of turned around and give up. So lists for me are basically the best thing ever.

Thing is, I don’t like making lists for myself. Well, it’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I can’t do it very well. I get… all sorts of turned around and give up.

My life is a bit of a conundrum. I feel like Twilight Sparkle in Lesson Zero…

The biggest testament to the power of The List is the meal plan. Back when I was actually making them and sticking to them, we were eating at home daily and we were eating good stuff, too. Since then I’ve sputtered out with making meal plans and we’re lucky if we get Hamburger Helper for dinner. It’s night and day with meal plans. I can’t explain why I haven’t done them recently. I want to say it’s my issues with meds that’s been keeping me from being organized, but at the same time I keep wanting to say that’s an excuse. Maybe I need to put “make meal plans” on a list of things I need to do?

…that sounds silly, right? Well, that’s what I did. Sigh.

I found a neat feature on another blog that inspired me to… list it up. Haha. It’s 101 things in 1001 days and I think it’s perfect for me. Not so many things that it’ll overwhelm me, and it gives me an ample amount of time. So far I’ve only written down about 30. I never thought it’d be hard to think of things to put on a list, but apparently it is! In any case, the list is filled with fun stuff and other, more serious stuff that I really need to take care of. It’s divided up into categories (yay organization!) and I’ll add notes if I think it’s necessary. This’ll probably become part of my monthly recap doohickey, so when I do those I’ll comment about things I’ve accomplished and list new things I’ve added since the last update.

Pretty excited. Lists! Yay!

Our house is messy as hell, y’all. Cringe.

2. Hang some art up around the house
13. Paint art for Arya’s room
15. Organize my desk
16. Organize my office
17. Organize my scrapbooking area
24. Sort out the basement

This is mostly just artsy things I need to get finished. Artsy or blog-related, I suppose.

3. Finish my blog layout
4. Do a blog post a week
7. Finish my costume for NDK
12. Take a picture for every letter of the alphabet
14. Finish my Arbitrary Day paintings
18. Finish Arya’s first year scrapbook
19. Get all of Arya’s first year photos printed
22. Finish my book’s first edit
23. Submit my book to a publisher
36. Finish reading the three books I have in progress

I know I need to make some changes in my life, from eating healthier to being more social. One of the things that I know I really need to do is get out more. Here’s those and more.

6. Go to a concert
8. Go to the art museum
9. Go to the museum
10. Take Arya to the zoo
11. Take Arya to the botanic gardens
21. Visit the park weekly
25. Donate unworn clothes
35. Make a meal plan a week

Shenanigans! Studio is something I am really, really excited to get off the ground.

5. Get new business cards
26. Start my business

Just… extraneous crap that’s more selfish than anything. But hey, I gotta take care of me too, right? Yeah?

1. Wear a pretty skirt out in public on purpose
28. Lose 20 pounds
29. Get work done on my tattoo sleeve
30. Get my lip pierced
31. Get second holes in ears pierced
32. Get my industrial re-pierced
33. Get my side tattoo
34. Redye my hair, pink

Hello, yes please!

So there it is. Hopefully this’ll help keep me on track. My list is posted on Day Zero here, so I can keep track of things and add others more easily (that’s where the numbers come from). I hope 1001 days is enough for me to do at least a few of these things… but we’ll see, I suppose.

By the way, The Dainty Squid is doing a Blowfish Shoes giveaway. I LOVE Blowfish, so I’m super excited for the contest (and of course really hope to win fingers crossed etc). I keep wondering what shoes I’d get. Cute sandals? Adorable flats? Super cool boots? Man. I want them all!

…I’m such a ham, haha.


2 thoughts on “Stuff, things, and lists… and more stuff

  1. *coughstuffforArya’sbookforChriscough*

    Those are nice lists! I love lists. I make them for everything. For the wedding ceremony alone I have 4…. :|

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