Who took my baby?

Seriously, what have you people done with my baby?

I don’t know this kid. Is that seriously her hand?


Look at that face, all full of sass! Snackin’ on an apricot like a big girl…

I was eating lunch with my dad yesterday and she was sitting on her high chair. Usually when we go out to lunch with her, she looks so tiny in a high chair. Like a baby that’s not quite ready to be at the table yet, flopping backward like… well, like babies do. Today, she sat up straight the whole time, and she was so big in that high chair. She was huge. She IS huge. Tall, though. The nugget’s still skinny.

But I digress.

I know we’re a little behind on crawling and stuff, but she’s doing fantastic in every other area. It just makes me wonder what she’s gonna be like when she does walk. I am terrified.

The present Chris and I got her for her birthday was a “my first dollhouse”. I’d seen her play with one before and thought it’d be a good match for her current skills. Boy, was I right. She still has a short attention span – whoa did you see that kitty! oh hey here is a cracker – but when she does play with it, she holds the people figures and waves them around and babbles. I wonder what they’re saying in her head. “Hey, jerkbag, you took the last Oreo.” “You poophead, quit leaving dirty dishes out!” “Damn it, douchebag cat, stop chasing Grummins!” That’s what she must say when she holds the Mama figure. Gotta be.


Arya’s always loved my phone, and figured out how to push the home button to turn it on pretty early. She also did this recently:

The phone was locked, and the twitter app wasn’t even open. I… I just don’t know.

On top of that, now she’s “talking” on the phone. She holds it up to her head, just so, and babbles. She’s silly and does it with remotes, too, haha.

Arya’s mimicked us for a while, too. She started clapping when we did it at her around 7 months. Headbanging came around 9 months (blame Chris for this one, oddly enough). She started blowing kisses maybe a week ago, and now she’s mastered the “all done” sign. Insert proud parent chest puff here, because the PT told us that one’s usually harder since it’s an abstract concept. Kiddo is just wicked smart!

Damn straight.

So while it’s hard to deal with her gross motor skill delays, I know that everything else is outstanding in every which way. I’m so proud of the nugget and… I can’t wait until she starts walking.

Well, there we go, now I’ve jinxed myself. I expect disaster to follow her everywhere whenever she walks now.


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