Shorty: Zoya America

I didn’t have any (workable) topcoat the whole last week so after my previous manicure started getting on my nerves (if I have a chip, I either have to take it all off or redo that one nail and hope for the best), I didn’t have my nails painted for a bit.

Guess what happened! No, really! Guess.

Yeah! Myyyyyy cuticles/nails went to shit again. Gnaw gnaw nibble nibble arrrrrrgh.

So today’s picture isn’t… pretty. But at least I got color again!

Zoya America is a vibrant cherry red that certainly catches your attention. I don’t usually like reds but this one was a Fourth of July promo freebie from Zoya. Wore it because it’s different for me, and I wanted to try it out.

It was so great.

One coat for most of my nails except my annoying thumb nails which I hate (and tend to have to redo a billion times). Application was wonderful. It just went on like a dream. I painted my nails on Saturday, and they are still perfect Monday. Well, except for one little problem.

I was opening a package (of chocolate, natch) when one of my nails suddenly felt… cold. I looked down and saw this.

Okay then! It just popped off in one piece. Glad I found it (last time this happened I never saw it again). It’s just the Zoya/Seche Vite weirdness. For whatever reason, the two don’t work together really well.

Ah well.

I used China Glaze’s black Crackle (can’t remember what it’s called) on my ring fingers for… fun. Yes. Fun.

4.5 disembodied heads out of 5, surprisingly! I really did love America.

I’m currently painting my nails again (hate to do it so soon after the last time, bah) with a new color that I got from my redditgifts Arbitrary Day gifter. I’m so excited to show these off!! (No, I’m not saying what it is yet! I have to take pics for redditgifts first.)


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