Menu Plan 7/23-7/29

Man, can I just take a moment to say thank you guys?

Thank you guys for putting up with all the random crap I post. I know there’s not too many readers (and even fewer comments), but my hate mail counter remains at zero! (Woo, that’s such a big accomplishment! …yeah.) More than anything this blog is for me to keep writing, and as an outlet for my thoughts. It’s for no one but me, but I do appreciate the random comments I get from time to time.

One other use I’ve discovered for the blog is to keep me organized. With the monthly recap I did last month, and the week links I did, I can put together thoughts and post them so they’re not cluttering up my head (or my bookmarks list). It also helps keep me on track with things. I’ve been taking (and posting) more pictures, for example. I figured I could also post up our weekly menus so that I keep up on them so I don’t miss a week on the blog or whatever. Eating healthier is something we really need to do, so I’ll do anything to keep us eating well.

Man, this blog is going in a completely different direction than I expected. For real. Thanks for sticking with me as I figure out my identity.

Ahem. Here’s this week’s menu! I’ll probably post at the end of next week how this one went, along with next week’s menu. Or something. I’ll have to figure it out.

Vanilla Wafer Cookies. See? Pictures!

Weekly Menu for 7/23-7/29/2012
(in no particular order)

Blackened salmon with steamed broccoli (thanks for the recipe Missy!)

Tandoori chicken bites with cucumber raita, basmati rice and naan

Stovetop Italian chicken with potatoes

Cilantro-chipotle cheeseburgers with corn on the cob

Chicken ranch enchiladas and rice


4 thoughts on “Menu Plan 7/23-7/29

  1. BEFORE YOU MAKE THE BLACKENED SALMON: Use only two TEASPOONS of salt, not tablespoons like it says. Tablespoons was ENTIRELY too much the first time I made it, and it killed the whole flavor. <3

    The rest of those just sound heavenly. :D

  2. I love your blog. In need of hate mail? I hate it that you don’t post 100 pictures of you and Arya everyday. 100 I tell you! LOL, love the menu too, let me know how the Tandoori chicken comes out. Don’t buy a Tandoor though :-P

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