Perfect swimmin’ mermaid baby

Does anyone actually believe the post title? No? Good, because it is a big fat lie.

the rare and beautiful Scooterfish

Arya’s first swimming class thing was today, and boy was it… an experience. Man, just about everything with Arya is an experience, huh. Not technically bad experiences, but not really wonderful amazing experiences. Just… experiences.


As luck would have it, the best time for us was directly after her second nap. About 10 minutes after she usually wakes up, to be precise. I packed up during her nap to avoid a scramble, and once she was up it was easy to get out the door.

Of course we get there and I realize everyone’s in the pool and Arya still doesn’t have her swimsuit on. SCRAMBLE TIME!

…I seem to be really bad at time management. (“Seem”? Haw haw haw.)

There were three other kids (all older than the nugget, natch) but the things we did were all-ages mostly, save for one exercise that they had a “baby” substitution for. She was super mellow the whole time, doing better than a couple of the older kids. No problems doing any of the exercises until I turned her around and faced her tummy-down.


She wouldn’t do the exercise any possible way with me. I tried, I swear I did. But when she was getting too cantankerous, I stopped. We went back to the nice, happy, float on your back and grab your feet and be generally cute —


Yeah, she just kept crying at that point.

Thankfully it was just about over. We got out of the pool and did the I-need-five-arms wet baby shuffle Then, we did the try-to-keep-the-baby-from-scooting-away-with-a-foot while I change hoedown. And then we headed home.

And then Arya continued to be cranky for the rest of the day.

But we had fun! And that’s the important part. Arya is such a good fishie. She really does love the water, though apparently not upside-down. We’ll work it out, though!


2 thoughts on “Perfect swimmin’ mermaid baby

  1. Stinker. So fun though! You should try having the instructor do that exercise with her instead of you next time. You never know, the switch of people may surprise her into at least trying it and she may just like it since she is in the water. Worst case scenario…she screams again. LOL!

  2. Shuffles and Hoedowns are always fun. Plop her in her pool if she’s cranky and wanting more splash time. She’s doing good with water regardless. Experience is a verb and a noun and one eventually makes the other better :-)

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