4th percentile tiny, still 100% awesome

Crocs: actually really cute when they’re tiny

We went to the doc for Arya’s one year appointment today. It was a fairly normal appointment, all things considered. I was worried that she’s fallen to the 4th percentile in weight, but amusingly enough, it matched up exactly what the doctor had predicted last time. As she gets more active, she burns more calories, so of course she’s going to gain weight slightly slower. The doc expected her curve to dip, and it did, but it’s okay. She’s healthy.

Also, I’m not quite ready for her to be much heavier. I get tired carrying her as it is! I keep telling myself I can’t wait until she can walk so I don’t HAVE to carry her. I’m sure once that actually happens, I’ll be even more tired from chasing after her constantly. You get what you ask for, right?

The rest of the appointment was normal. There is literally nothing more to say about it. Keep breastfeeding, diet looks good, physical went well, etc etc… Boring stuff. But hey! The nugget is happy and healthy and she looks a bit tubby though she’s tall and skinny, so all is well.


3 thoughts on “4th percentile tiny, still 100% awesome

  1. Awesome indeed. I hope everyone starts believing that. No intentions here, I just know she’s doing fine – it’s so blatantly obvious when you are anywhere near her. Arya is simply an amazing, healthy baby. A tribute to her parents :-)

    Congrats on kaenix.com!

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