Weight Loss Update the First

This is just going to be a short post since it’s also the first.

I’m nearly 60 pounds down so far, which is ridiculously incredible. To be so far back under my pre-pregnancy weight feels amazing. I feel great, too.

However, it’s not going to keep up if I don’t start doing something about it, so here I am.

I did a workout that had a ton of squats in it yesterday. My legs are killing me… but I took it easy today to help everything rest up. The pain means it’s workin’ right? Hahaha.

Here’s that workout on Fitocracy.

Current Stats

Weight: 157lbs
Bust: 38.5in
Waist: 36.5in
Hips: 40.5in


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update the First

  1. Yes! The pain means it’s working! Be careful with DOMS, it can get to where you can’t actually move because your muscle just gives out. HOWEVER, if you have it that bad once, you NEVER get it in that muscle again. At least, that’s my experience. Squats are wonderful!

    Remember to measure your waist where your torso bends (about 2 inches above the belly button, not at the belly button). And if you do cardio, do it immediately after strength (body weight workouts are considered strength). Your body does food reserves for strength first, then will burn more fat when you do cardio.


    I might have gone overboard with this comment. >.>

    • Not at all! I appreciate it

      I remember you telling me to do cardio directly after strength. I tried doing some after this and was just so stupid wiped I barely made it 5 steps. It was ridiculous. I hope I’ll be better next time. This really was a good workout.

      Now that I think about it, it’s up on fitocracy. I ought to link it here, too.

      I re-measured my waist (I thought I had it in the right place, but it came out 1 inch less). I am shaped so freakin’ weird. Hate it.

      Thank you!

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