Weekly Links – Week of 7/23/2012

1. Modcloth | Write On Ring – How adorable is this ring? I think it fits me perfectly. Unfortunately, at $25, it’s kind of a pipe dream. Who buys a ring for that much? Gah. (Don’t answer that question.) Also on my list of “omg adorable want it nao” this week are these shoes. I remember seeing a pair very similar but MUCH, MUCH more expensive, so finding these made me happy. I would love to be able to get those. (Alas, once again… $55 is still $54 dollars out of my price range. Ha!)

2. Becky Bedbug | 26th July 2012 – The adorableness of this outfit absolutely slays me. I am absolutely head over heels with this blog, and this outfit basically had me squeeing when I saw it. I love Becky’s style and the way she accentuates her figure with her outfit. She makes it look easy. Someday I’ll be able to dress cute like this.

3. NerdTrivia – NerdTrivia is back! NerdTrivia IS BAAAACK!!! This is the third (?) season for NT, and it seriously makes my days just a little brighter. Every hour, they post a question about a nerdy topic on twitter, and you can either answer on their website or via DM. It’s too much fun.

4. One Dish Dinners | Stovetop Italian Chicken with Potatoes -This was dinner on Tuesday this week. It was amazing. Even for summer, this stew-y meal really hit the spot. The seasoning was perfect, and the potatoes came out just right. Very much comfort food. We’ll definitely be making it again.

5. October Afternoon Blog | Thursday Sketch – I love this layout posted by October Afternoon. I have a thing for including random circles on my layouts and this one makes them a bigger part of the whole, more than just “random”. I hope to make my own page based on this soon. I’ll post it up when I do.

What else I’ve been doing this week:

I did a couple of weight loss posts on k.com. You can find them here and here. I’m going to start chronicling (big word!) my weight loss journey here. You can follow it using the Weight Loss Journey tag up above on the navbar. And stuff.

Also on k.com: a new Shorty. Check it out! I really like this color. I even just painted my toenails with it. (That’s something I don’t do often!)

Hope everyone had a great week!


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