Shorty: Borghese Crema Saponetta Cleansing Bar

That sounds like a dessert they’d serve up at a fancy restaurant.

Anyway, I got this little thing in my very first Birchbox (yes, signing up using that link gives me points, precious points! muahahaha). At first I wasn’t very impressed. I don’t usually use soap on my face and I thought it’d be a pretty big waste to use it elsewhere. (It makes your skin taut! Woohoo?) Then I read that it’s also good for shaving.

Oh, shaving? Me? Hahaha!

If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know how well my last encounter with shaving my legs went. Let’s just say my tweet about it went something like this:


Yeah. It was none too pleasant. I shaved dry (like I do my armpits, normally) because before that, I had literally shaved my legs once in my life. That was way back when I wanted to feel ~womanly~ because I was at that awkward teenage stage where being grown-up was so glamorous or whatever. (Fact: my normal “outside” outfit is sweats, an old shirt, and flip-flops. Not so glamorous, Teenage Me.)

I got a lot of advice and wised up. I hadn’t shaved my legs since then, though, because even though said Glamorous Sweats are capris, there kinda WAS a reason why I didn’t shave my legs for years and years: I just don’t need to. What little hair I have is light enough that you can’t see it unless you’re inspecting my legs really closely. I figured, though, now that Arya has swimming classes twice a week, I ought to shave my legs so people don’t freak out at their pasty whiteness AND hairy-ness.

Or something.

Also I kinda just wanted to try the soap because it smelled pretty.

pic courtesy of Birchbox

On to the review. The first time I tried the soap I just used it on my face. I did it in the shower with a washcloth, and as I scrubbed my face I looked down. The description said “makes skin taut”, right? So… can I use it on The Ladies (boobs) and get them to be less… well, unsightly post-breastfeeding? Then I thought, I can’t seriously be thinking this, can I?

Yes, of course I tried it. Pro-tip: It doesn’t work. (Though, to be honest, it did make my face seem more “taut”. That was kinda neat.)

I finally tried shaving my legs with it today. It was easy to lather, and it really does smell good. It’s supposedly chamomile, rosewood, and geranium but to me it just smelled like any soap does. But it was a pretty soap smell, not the boring generic soap smell. Once it was all lathered, I started to shave… and scrrrrrraaaaaaaape. Oh. Oh yeah. Nice big gash on my knee.

I did it at a bad angle. That’s my excuse. Ahem. Moving on.

After I’d injured myself with the damn razor and figured out how to angle it, it was pretty easy. The razor glided smoothly and it seemed to be getting a nice shave. I couldn’t tell right away, but hey, it felt good. I finished up in the shower, dried off, and inspected my handiwork. My legs, where there was hair, were still a forest.

Puzzled, I re-evaluated, re-re-evaluated, and re-re-re-evaluated until I figured out that I’d just missed them. The few hairs that I had were grouped together in random spots and I’m pretty sure I just accidentally shaved around them. So I took it to the sink. Propping my leg up at an angle where I could see what I was doing, I lathered up again, and shaved meticulously this time. Dried off, and ta-da! Smooth as a baby’s butt (that is the epitome of smooth, trust me, I have experience in this).

I really am pleased with how they turned out. They’re very smooth, and although I did burn myself in a few spots due to careless lathering the first time, my overall Razor Burn on My Legs percentage was maaaaybe 20% compared to 90% last time. I am VERY relieved on that.

So, overall? It smells pretty, made my face “taut” (I guess), and my legs were rather smooth after shaving. And I get to sport a Mickey band-aid on my knee for a bit! I really don’t see myself using this very often, though, which does hurt its ranking. 3.5 disembodied heads out of 5. Hooray!


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