Don’t let the big eyes fool you

Arya’s top tooth finally broke through. Just the right one, though. Still, it kinda hurt.

Hurt me, I mean. I found out while she was nursing. She bit down. Hard.

When Char was babysitting her the other day, Arya wouldn’t take a sippy cup, so she tried a bottle with a nipple. That’s it up there. The kid loves it. She’ll drink from it herself occasionally, but really she just likes having someone tilt it for her. She is the boss, after all.

Her little personality seems to be growing by leaps and bounds each day. Arya is clever, fairly happy most of the time, and loves cookies. Oh man. Cookies.

Above all else, though, Arya is a daddy’s girl through and through. Chris is the only one that can really make her laugh. She loves playing with him, being held by him, sitting with him… until she wants food. That’s mama time, apparently. Food and comfort and boob. That’s pretty much all I’m good for.

She’s also learned a new trick. Clench her fists as hard as she can and shriek. That one happens when she’s not getting her way. Which, apparently, according to her is… every five minutes.

But I still love her. And her “WTF” expression.


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