Weekly Links – 8/13-20

via modcloth

1. I love the quote above. I used to be so afraid of failure that I wouldn’t do anything. For me, I think it’s part of my social anxiety. It’s something that’s pretty hard to get over, but you have to keep what this quote says in mind. Mistakes are part of life. You get up and you move on. via modcloth

2. This blog post on organization actually inspired me to start writing things down to write for the blog. I made a little schedule Sunday for what I wanted to have posted and I’ve mostly stuck to it. (Monday & Tuesday were perfect, but then my mind went crazy on Thursday and for half of the day I thought it was Wednesday and the other half I thought it was Friday. Needless to say the last two days of my schedule didn’t happen.) I love Kaelah’s handwriting and her pictures of her lists… they’re all just so… pretty. I can only dream of being so organized. via little chief honeybee

3. One of my favorite blogs had a post this week including a video showcasing the blogger’s photo editing process. I sat glued to the screen throughout the entire thing. I couldn’t pick out half the things she was doing, but man did that end up as a super neat finished product. Would never even have guessed that it was a bunch of pictures stitched together. Amazing! via introvert’s introduction

4. The Face Baby. Particularly, this photo of Face Baby. I DARE YOU TO TELL ME THAT DIDN’T MAKE YOU LAUGH! Or smile. Seriously. Face Baby. via the face baby

5. This blog post about, well, blogging was very interesting to read. I’ve always been a big advocate of “blog it as it is”. I love this blog’s description of it. via helenjane.com


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