Scrappy Stuff: Curls

I promise I’m not all “scrap for a blog prompt” or for contests all the time. Seriously. It’s just that browsing some blogs and forums sometimes inspires me, if something catches my eye. This sketch kinda sprung out at me – it’s not my usual style but with my new printer I’ve been wanting to work with smaller photos. So I did.

See, isn’t it weird?? I just kinda took it piece by piece. I ended up removing some elements that I didn’t think fit (and I didn’t have the papers/embellishments for) and I think I got a pretty okay result…?

I mean, if you close one eye and tilt your head and make sure not to look at the drawn border, it’s all right! Yeah? Heh… yeah.


I really like the way the splatter turned out though. It’s a technique I don’t think I use often enough; I have a good amount of colors. It was supposed to go from bottom left to top right but I kind of missed. So it’s a bit off. I also really like the letters. Not exactly how they look here, or how they were placed (I don’t know why the L looks bigger than the rest of them), but the font. I love the font so very much. It’s Bebas and I cut them out using my Cameo. Love that thing.

About the page? Well, the journaling says it all really!


Scrappy Stuff: Moose!

I keep meaning to post some of my scrapbooking stuff but I keep forgetting. So, here’s a scrapbooking post, woohoo!

Yesterday while browsing the internets for scrapbooking things I stumbled upon this challenge on ClubCK. I really liked the sketch so I grabbed one of the pictures I had set aside and did a page with it.

Here’s the sketch:

And my page:

It’s nothing really special, but I like how it turned out. The woodgrain paper and the top and bottom borders are from the same paper, just different sides. I was happy that I was able to find papers that matched even a little bit (I’m really terrible at that normally) to finish adding all the borders.

The moose is a plushie Arya got from grandpa. It was the first thing she was able to put her hand around and grasp (eventually, that was long after this first photo of her with it). The moose’s tail is a couple of rings that are baby hand-sized, and that’s what she grabbed and held on to. She ended up not wanting to let the moose go!

Also, yeah… I know my handwriting is crap. Yeahhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh.

Big yawn!

I really need to post more. I have a few drafts of posts that I just never finished and… yeah.

So thankfully I’ve been doing more scrapbooking lately and posting on some sites, so I need a place to share layouts. This seems as good a place as any! :)

I did this one last night after posted her scrapbooking sketch of the week. I love watching her videos, and being that I had a bit of time to spare, I decided to make this layout. I splurged a bit on it, just because I wanted to. :)

I love these pictures of Arya. She was exactly a week old when they were taken, and the one on the right was my phone background for a while. I knew I definitely wanted to scrap that one, and thumbing through the other pictures from that specific set, I found the one where she was yawning… Couldn’t resist. :)